Don’t make the mistake of attaining a ‘Data Analyst Job Interview in 2021’ without knowing These Powerful Business Intelligence Tools.

Have you completed your self-paced data science and AI program and now preparing for a job interview? 

That’s great. Hope you are well aware of the seven business intelligence (BI) applications that will power up the business decisions of 2021. But by any chance, you doubt that the BI tools you have earned might not be on my list, then please spare a few minutes reading this blog before attaining the interview. 

Yes, BI tools and software nowadays are in high demand. With the increasing volume of real-time data, it’s become a tough job to keep track of all of those data, carry out on-time analysis of the same, providing the best-fit as well as a profitable business decision. 

Landing with the right data-driven decision at the right time is called business intelligence. Such a decision doesn’t only focus on the upcoming short-term profit but also sustainable business growth. 

As already mentioned, the amulet of available data is too massive to handle by the human mind, so what’s the solution? ‘Technical mind’ is the ultimate solution, and here comes the root of Intelligent Business applications and tools demand.

Analytical Tools
  1. Microsoft Power BI

While most businesses are running behind the recognized BI champion ZOHO Analytics, few of the out-of-crowd business minds are collaborating with Microsoft Power BI. Yes, it has already proven as the hidden champ of the 2021 analytics market. 

With powerful cloud services, This BI tool by Microsoft is offering amazing data analytics experiences to windows users. Both cloud base and local server-based data presentation is now more interesting with unique visual discovery, interactive and competitive dashboards, along with thoughtful business decisions generated by end-to-end data insight generation.

Why choose Microsoft Power BI software?

  • It offers incredible pricing benefits in terms of features. The desktop version for individual users is free, while the pro version and premium versions are available at 720 INR and 1440 INR per month subscriptions. 
  • For corporate license, it’s now competitive deals of 359,865 INR per capacity per month. 
  • It offers mobile app access.
  • You can experience touch screen annotation for reports if accessing via mobile app.
  • In premium subscription through the in-built connector accessing of data from several Microsoft business applications like Azure SQL Data Warehouse or any other third party data sources, self-creation of business reports become so easy.

Tableau CRM

Tableau is a widely accepted business intelligence tool due to its unique and unlimited data visualization features. At present, learning data handling with tableau has become the key criteria to secure a data science job, even for data science newbies. 

However, when it comes to the sale-force decision making then most of the time, the preference becomes either Zoho Analytics or Sisense, especially for SME businesses.

But by investing a bit more in Tableau CRM, such business organizations can get more competitive and data-driven solutions to their sales problems.

This particular tool is made especially for salesforce, and as we are already aware of the power of data visualization of tableau, so no doubt, sales forecasts using tableau CRM own the power of winning over several sales market threats.   

Why choose Tableau CRM?

  • This tool offers you a balanced mixing of artificial intelligence and business intelligence. 
  • You can land in out-of-the-box and long-term profitable sales decisions within a minute. 
  • Pre-programed analytical features offer easily accessible but highly profitable business decision-making scopes even by non-technical data analysts. 
  • This CRM tool includes a range of predefined predictive models that offers superfast sales and marketing decision-making.

3. TIBCO Data Science

No matter how big the data set of a business is. TIBCO is ready to offer the most intelligent business decision to all. It can work with Big Data too. When it comes to drawing business insights, then TIBCO Data Science can do magic. With powerful insight generation capabilities, it offers a crisp idea about all of the small-to-small opportunities coming in both the near and far future. 

Why Choose TIBCO?

  • Nothing can be more tempting than that AI-Powered insight and unique data visualization.
  • You get highly modernized and data-driven reports at an affordable cost.
  •  With the amazing javascript framework, connecting the analytics to organizational web tools and applications is buttery smooth.  
Dashboard and Report Generation

4. SAS Analytical Software

SAS indicates the abbreviation of Statistical Analytical System. This is one of the self-service business intelligence tools that owns the capabilities of handling the most complex scenarios and offers the most profitable business decision. 

Why Choose SAS Analytical Software?

  • The analytical, visual, and decision-making features are highly scalable.
  • These tools offer ample flexibility to choose the features that you need. As per your demand, you can choose the features and have to pay only for those use cases. So you can experience a personalized payment model as per your business need. 
  • Though in earlier days, installation, authentication, and delivery of in-house software products and tools used to require a large workforce and time commitment, SAS has made everything a matter of the easiest task. 

5. Oracle Analytics Cloud

This is one of the most user-friendly cloud-based analytical BI tools. Starting from 2014, Oracles is providing AI-powered business intelligence solutions to several businesses.

Although it lacks some advanced features compared to other competitors like Tableau CRM, ZOHO analytics, due to oracle’s reliability and cost-effective analytical feature packages, it has won the heart of small to medium scale organizations. 

Why choose Oracle Analytics Cloud?

  • It’s going to be the future of business analytics very soon because the foundation of this cloud-based analytics is Ai and machine learning.
  • All the data gets processed through NLP.
  • No need to worry about data visualization. Every time you will get a pixel-perfect report.

6. IBM Cognos Analytics

IBM has created a web-based business intelligence tool kit that facilitates analytics over the entire analytics lifecycle. With the help of creative analogy, your business intelligence solution connects and cleans your data to create dazzling visualizations to display your results, even with a Dashboard mobile app that provides immediate up-to-the-minute feedback for your customers.

Data caching and model performance enhancement are done by the built-in AI. With artificial intelligence, an organization’s data is revealed, real-time facts are supplied, and insights are unearthed. Gart acknowledged Cognos as a particular type of Data Visualization business.

Why choose Congo Analytics?

  • It provides powerful “what if” scenarios that help you address critical organizational issues more rapidly and make decisions accordingly.
  • It is easy to design and build dashboards in Cognosofts. For better business knowledge, it takes only a few easy steps to engage.
  • It utilizes data to disclose insights that enable you to operate with confidence and better productivity and make educated decisions.
  • Design reports that allow easy data authoring, relational or dimensional data, different styles and formatting, and the use of external data.

7. Yellowfin

Yellowfin offers the Yellowfin Analytics Suite to companies for analytical use. Interactive dashboards, automated data discovery, and storytelling are included in the application. The Yellowfin Analytics Suite is for companies relying on knowledgeable employees. It gives analysts more time to look at observations and to advise actions.

Why Choose YellowFin?

  • The data analysis is done through processes and methods that depend on automatically developed and applied data models and facts. So a highly optimized business decision is assured.
  • It offers easily applied analytics, which allows pre-configured workflows and prescribes predefined action sets.

What next?

Do you think you need more specific guidance to get into a successful data science career switch? Want to learn the BI tools are applications on demand.
Do you need assistance for your upcoming data science job interviews, every piece of guidance you can avail at an affordable cost under Skin Slash’s Full Stack Data science and AI courses. Check for the course module here.

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