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Why Join Our Data Science Course?

Real Work Experience

Enroll in our Data Science course and get industrial training. Also, get a chance to working directly with top AI companies.

Build Your Own Course

Self-design your Data Science course with respect to your career goals. Also, take the data science training under expert guidance.

Guaranteed Job Referral

Get a Guaranteed job referral in top Data Science and AI firms. Also, receive guidance on resume building and interview preparation.

For Professionals

This Data Science course is for professionals with at least 1 year of work experience. Besides, no prior programming experience is required.

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Get Real Work Experience Certificate by taking best data science course


Skillslash’s best Data Science course comes with a Guaranteed job referral and Certification by Microsoft. Besides, the Data Science and AI courses are curated by leading faculties and industry leaders. Especially, with the aim to provide practical data science learning experience with live interactive classes and capstone projects.

Module 0 Introduction

Chapter 1: Introduction to Programming ( 3 hrs )

Source code Vs bytecode Vs machine code, Compiler Vs Interpreter, C/C++, Java Vs Python.

Chapter 2: code editors basics (1 hrs)

Different type of code editors in python, Introduction to Anaconda and IDEs

Chapter 3: python basics (1 hrs)

Variable Vs Identifiers, Strings Operators Vs Operand, Procedure oriented Vs Modular programming.

Chapter 4: statistics basics & probability (1 hrs)

Measures of Central Tendency & dispersion, Inferential statistics and Sampling theory.

Module 1 - Programming Essentials

Module 2 - Applied Statistics

Module 3 - Advance Machine Learning

Module 4 - Deep Learning

Module 5 - NLP

Module 6- Reinforcement Learning (only in Pro Max)

Module 7- Computer Vision (only in Pro Max)

Module 8 - Data Structures and Algorithms ( 12 Weeks ) (only in Pro Max)

Module 9 - TOOLS

Program Highlights

350+ Live sessions

15+ Industry Projects

Life time accessibility

Live project experience

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work on industry projectsDesigned by Industry Experts

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Program Fees

The Data Science Course with Certification start from INR 65,000 (Excluding GST). We aim to deliver to you quality education considering the aspect of feasibility.

Payment Partners

Program Fees

The Data Science Course with Certification start from INR 65,000 (Excluding GST). We aim to deliver to you quality education considering the aspect of feasibility.

Payment Partners
Program FeaturesJob Assistance
Live Class Subscription
LMS Subscription
Job Referrals
Industry Projects
Capstone Projects
Domain Training
Project Certification from Companies
Adv AI + DSA
Microsoft Certification
Pro₹ 65,000 + GST3% cashback on creditcard payment
1 Year
2 Year


Pro Max₹ 120,000 + GST5% cashback on credit card payment
4 Year
6 Months

Batch Profile

The program is designed for people from various sectors. The variety of participants enriches discussion and interaction.

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  • Retail
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Go through the FAQs to know more about our Data Science course. Also, learn about our Data Science course fees, project certifications, other Data Science and AI course details.

    I don’t have coding background. Can I enroll in this Data Science program?

    Coding background is not required to enroll in this Data Science course in Bangalore. You can start from the Beginner module in which we will cover the basics of coding. In fact, prior knowledge in Data Science or ML is also not needed. We will cover all the relevant topics from scratch. The only prerequisite is that you should have a basic understanding of 9th and 10th-grade school maths - just the basics, nothing advanced. Still, we will cover these topics in class, but some prior knowledge would be helpful.

    What kind of Data Science projects are included as part of the course?

    Skillslash’s Data Science course is fully aligned to meet students’ success. Starting from the curriculum of the Data Science programs, attention is given to ensure the meeting of industry standards. You will directly work industry based capstone projects. With our Data science course training you will work on different case studies on Banking, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, NLP. After Completing Data science Projects skillslash provide project completion certificate.

    Will there be a make-up class available if I have to miss a Data Science class due to an emergency?

    Firstly, we offer live online classes for ourData Science courseAlso, all of our students have access to the recorded versions of these data science classes. In addition, we also give you unlimited access to these Data Science training sessions. So, you can go back to them whenever you need theoretical help in Data science, in your AI and ML career. As a result, you need not be disappointed if you miss any of the live classes under our Data science courses. However, we strongly advise you to participate in all live classes.

    What are the various learning options offered under Skillslash's Data Science Course?

    Most importantly, we offer online learning choices for our Data Science with real-work experience. Aside from that, we provide a blended learning program designed specifically for working professionals. In addition, you can participate in live online Data science training sessions in hybrid learning mode. Besides, under our Data science course with 100% placement, you will also be performing some hands-on work on the industrial project site.That said, we can only offer fully online data science classes via live sessions due to the outbreak. This means you can talk to your instructor in real time, just like in a traditional face-to-face session. Besides, now, all practical sessions of our Data Science courses will be conducted using cloud-based services.

    What kind of Certification does the Data Science training in Bangalore provide?

    Most importantly, by getting our Data science course training in Bangalore, you will not just obtain any ordinary type of certification or academic degree. Instead, we offer a globally recognized real work experience certificate from companies and Microsoft Certification for Data scientist for completing the Data Science training. The firm with which you completed your industrial project can also give you direct certifications.

    Is there any Placement Assistance available with Data Science Program?

    Yes, with our Data science program our student gets Placement assistance and guaranteed job referral from Data science AI companies. Also all students are provided with a resume building section from Data science industry mentors.

    Is their a difference in teaching quality between Pro and Pro-max program feature under Skillslash's Data Science courses?

    No, absolutely not. Under both Pro and Pro-max features in our Data Science course, the classes are taken by Data Science experts in 100% live-interactive classes. Also, you can achieve a personalized learning experience with individual attention under our Data Science courses, irrespective of it being Pro or Pro-Max. In addition, for both program features, you can avail domain training and elective tracks for functional/industry specialization.

    What Kind of Data Science Tools can I Learn by taking this course

    Skillslash Data science course syllabus is created by top industry mentors. So the students can learn all the latest tools avail in Data science training program. Like 45+ tools, including Git, TensorFlow, PySpark, PyTorch, Kafka...

    How much can I expect to earn as a data scientist?

    The sky is the limit when it comes to earning potential as a data scientist. Being said that, your experience is a major factor in the package you'll receive - so make sure it counts! Leverage your expertise to get the best offer possible. But here are some figures that show what is the average salary for data science professionals as per their experience level: Entry level - Up to 5 Lakhs, Intermediate, Level - Up to 8 Lakhs, Experienced Level - Up to 12.5 Lakhs, Advanced Level - Up to 18 Lakhs, Expert Level - More than 25 Lakhs

    Are your data science course training sessions live or pre-recorded?

    All of our data science course training sessions are conducted live, in real-time, with an experienced instructor leading the way. These data science sessions are designed to be interactive, allowing participants to engage with the material and ask questions as they arise.You'll log in at a specific time and join a virtual classroom where you'll be able to connect with other participants and our data science trainers. This allows for a collaborative learning environment where everyone can share their experiences and insights.And don't worry if you miss a data science session or need to review the material again, we understand that everyone learns at a different pace. That's why we record all of our data sience sessions and make them available to you after the fact. This way, you'll have the opportunity to revisit the material, reinforce your understanding, and make sure you're keeping up with the rest of the data science class. So, whether you're a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner, we've got you covered.

    Who are the instructors for this Bootcamp?

    All the Data science trainers provided by Skillslash for the Bootcamp are industry veterans with extensive core experience in their respective fields. Our instructors also come with a passion to teach and enjoy interacting with students.

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