How to Prepare forInterviews in 9 Months?

For SDEs with 1+ years working Exp


24th Nov 2022, Thu

8.00 pm - 09.30 pm







About the Masterclass

This is a technology-powered world, and Full Stack development is nothing short of magic. Getting placed in MAANG companies is a dream of almost all developers. However, the MAANG companies have a different interview process that's keeping many job seekers from getting the jobs. But,No worries!

Join Abhishek Sharma in his Masterclass on 24th Nov, Thursday, at 8 PM and learn How to Prepare for interviews at MAANG companies and become a part of this fast-paced world of IT.

Full Stack Masterclass Features

Customized learning

With expert guidance and assistance attain your learning purpose and goals.

Live Classes

All our Full stack experts will lead the 100% live sessions.

Shareable certification

Achieve an acknowledged certification as you attend the training.


Software Engineer at Google

Abhishek Sharma(Linkedin)

Alumni of KIIT University, Bhubaneswar

Have 100+ hours of mentorship experience.

Have worked in Google, Mfine, Highradius.

What will you Learn?

Know tips and tricks of Full Stack Development

Crafting a kick-ass resume based on your skills

Career transition to Product based companies

The dos and don'ts of a whiteboard interview

This masterclass is for


Software Developers

Software developers who are aiming to accelerate their respective careers by upskilling with Full stack development.


Peer Working Professionals

Professionals, irrespective of their domains, who have great enthusiasm to make a career transition into Full stack development.

What Our Learners Think

Student Reviews

Pankaj Chowdhury
5 Star Rating

The trainers at Skillslash are quite amazing. The teaching style was simple yet effective. I was able to get into my dream company IBM within 7 months of joining the full stack program. The best part in the program was when they assigned an IBM mentor to help me crack my interview which really gave my preparation a solid boost.

Manisha singh
5 Star Rating

I wanted to brush up my full stack skills when I joined Skillslash program. I had been in a software role and this course helped me improve my weak areas significantly. Mentors were amazing and the interview prep module really helped me become more confident in interviews. Got multiple offers in a period of 3 months, thanks to Skillslash.

Muralikrishna Alichetty
5 Star Rating

The reason I joined Skillslash was because of the Data engineering and Cloud specialisation. The course was quite helpful as I was able to get a Senior DBA role at the end of the program. Interview preparation module was also very helpful as I was able to build a strong portfolio as a result of this.

5 Star Rating

I think Dhaval has clear understanding of whatever he teach, wheher it is Data Structures, Algorithms, Dynamic Programming, he explains with such ease that even hard problem seems easy. Hats off to his teaching and Dhaval keep on motivating and helping others

Anukalp Desai
5 Star Rating

I have taken data structures and algorithms course taught by Dhaval, he is very accessible and does an amazing job at making difficult concepts easily understandable.

Anurag Sinha
5 Star Rating

Dhawal Sir is a really great mentor. He helped me identify my weak areas and work on it consistently. He was always supportive and his style of teaching kept hinged to my goals. I was able to crack a senior software role as a result of that and I will always be thankful for all his support and guidance.

Ankur Singh
5 Star Rating

The course structure was really good and covered most of the topics like Linked list, trees , graphs, recursion, dynamic programming etc. Dhaval Sir did a great job taking each topic to a great clarity level. Rather than remembering the solution to the problem, he taught me how to approach problem and solve it.

What Our Learners Think

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Work in real-time projects and get exposure

Get assured job referrals and land in top firms

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