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Data Science Course in Mumbai

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Equip yourself with Data Science skills through live, interactive lectures guided by industry expert mentors


₹ 19,999

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Course Content

Learning ModeBlended

1:1 Doubt SessionDaily

Live Project SessionsWeekly

Career SupportIncluded

Course AccessLifetime

Certifications 3

What will you learn?

Foundations: Programming, Stats, Python Basics, Data Types.

Data Analysis: Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, ML.

Advanced: Deep Learning, NLP, Reinforcement Learning, Big Data.

Tools: Excel, SQL, Cloud Deployment, BI: Tableau, Power BI.

Tools Covered

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Course Content

Learning ModeBlended

1:1 Doubt SessionDaily

Live Project SessionsWeekly

Career SupportIncluded

Course AccessLifetime


Course Fees

₹ 19,999 including
18% GST

Our Trainer and Mentor

Introducing Skillslash’s trainers and mentors below, who are there to help you on your data science course journey. Each of them mentioned below are experts in their specific fields and continuously work with us to help give the best data science training experience and help you reach your goals and uncover your potential.

  • Data Science Course in Mumbai with Microsoft Certification

    Skillslash, an educational data science course provider located in India, has come up with a data science course that fits all. This data science course in Mumbai comes with expert led training, dual certification, that is, a microsoft certification and real-time work experience certification to add to your resume and give you the much needed push in the data science job field.

    Offering data science training in the city of Mumbai multiple areas of data analytics, machine learning, and statistical analysis. We, at Skillslash provide students with all the skills, models, and insights in this all inclusive data science course in Mumbai. Moreso, the data science course in Mumbai is developed and comes with real-time work experience and guaranteed job referrals which give participants the push to create their data science careers.

    Our Data Science Course in Mumbai gives you complete access to an all-inclusive course curriculum that includes key data science concepts from python, to advanced learning and data science tools with practical applications of the same. Not only that, this data science course in Mumbai provides an opportunity for you to work within your domain of choice may it be healthcare, finance, or marketing. So, become a data scientist in your own domain with Skillslash.

  • Is data science a good career for you ?

  • Why to choose a Data Science Course in Mumbai ?

  • Why Learn Data Science in Mumbai ?

  • Why take Skillslash’s Data Science Course in Mumbai ?

  • What are the benefits of the Skillslash data science course in Mumbai ?

  • What is different about Skillslash’s Data Science Course in Mumbai ?

  • What is the Learning Curriculum of this data science course in Mumbai ?

  • What are the course program options offered by Skillslash in Mumbai ?

  • What are the different domain projects included in this course ?

  • What is the Scope for Data Scientists in 2023-2024 ?

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    Microsoft Certificate

    Enhance your resume and LinkedIn profile with the certificate from global leader in this technology.

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    Micro validation of your internship experience from Skill-AI, showcase the hiring manager the list of real-life projects you

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    Our data science course in Mumbai is designed to be practical and industry-relevant, covering a wide range of topics including Python, R, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Tableau, and much more. Our experienced faculty bring real-world insights to the classroom, enabling students to learn from the best.

    • Module 0


      Our courses start off with this module that offers a basic overview of programming in data science for both beginners and advanced users who wish to strengthen their fundamental skills.

      Course Content

        Chapter 1: Introduction to Programming ( 3 hrs )

      • Source code Vs bytecode Vs machine code, Compiler Vs Interpreter, C/C++, Java Vs Python.

        Chapter 2: code editors basics (1 hrs)

      • Different type of code editors in python, Introduction to Anaconda and IDEs

        Chapter 3: python basics (1 hrs)

      • Variable Vs Identifiers, Strings Operators Vs Operand, Procedure oriented Vs Modular programming.

        Chapter 4: statistics basics & probability (1 hrs)

      • Measures of Central Tendency & dispersion, Inferential statistics and Sampling theory.
    • Module 1

      Programming Essentials

      Through a hands-on approach, you will learn key programming concepts of Python, MatplotLib, Seaborn and languages commonly used in the data science field. Whether you're aspiring to become a data scientist or simply seeking to harness the power of programming for data analysis, this module equips you with the essential skills to manipulate, analyze, and visualize data effectively.

      Course Content

    • Module 2

      Applied Statistics

      By the end of the module, you will have mastered statistical tools such as probabilistic theory, hypothesis testing and regression analysis, all in the context of practical data science applications and the knowledge they need to be at the forefront of data science and lead data-driven innovations.

      Course Content

    • Module 3

      Advance Machine Learning

      Explore cutting-edge algorithms, model optimization, and deep learning architectures, all while gaining practical experience through hands-on projects.

      Course Content

    • Module 4

      Deep Learning

      Gain the skills and knowledge you need to make the most of deep learning for everything from image recognition to natural language processing and predictive modeling. Get to know the ins and outs of AI, deep learning, CNNs, RNNs, and other cutting-edge techniques.

      Project by skillslash
      Project by skillslash
      Project by skillslash

      Course Content

    • Module 5


      This module will help you figure out the ins and outs of text data. You'll learn the basics of analyzing, manipulating, and extracting meaning from text, so you can create smart apps, make decisions based on data, and improve your data science abilities.

      Project by skillslash
      Project by skillslash
      Project by skillslash

      Course Content

    • Module 6

      Reinforcement Learning (only in Pro Max)

      Discover the exciting world of Reinforcement Learning (RL) in the context of Data Science. In this module, you will delve into the fundamentals of RL, a powerful machine learning paradigm that enables algorithms to make sequential decisions by learning from their interactions with the environment.

      Course Content

    • Module 7

      Computer Vision (only in Pro Max)

      Whether you're interested in object detection, image classification, facial recognition, or the countless other applications of Computer Vision, this module will equip you with the knowledge and skills to tackle real-world data challenges and unlock the potential of visual data in the field of data science.

      Course Content

    • Module 8

      Data Structures and Algorithms ( 12 Weeks ) (only in Pro Max)

      From understanding the significance of data structures to mastering algorithmic problem-solving, this module equips you with the critical skills needed to excel in the field of data science. You will be solving 250+ coding challenges under guidance of expert mentors working in Tier 1 companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, Facebook, Google etc.

      Project by skillslash
      Project by skillslash
      Project by skillslash

      Course Content

    • Module 9


      Unlock the full potential of data science with our comprehensive module on essential tools: Excel, SQL, Tableau, and Power BI and more. Dive into the world of data manipulation, analysis, visualization, and reporting with hands-on training in these industry-standard applications.

      Project by skillslash
      Project by skillslash
      Project by skillslash

      Course Content

    Data Science Course Curriculum

    Data Science and AI courses Syllabus are curated by leading faculties and industry leaders.




    Tools and Project

    30+ Hands-on Projects


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      What is data science and who is a data scientist ?

      In today's digital age, the amount of data generated every day is enormous. Companies and organizations are always looking for ways to extract value from this data to gain a competitive edge in their respective industries. This is where the field of data science comes in. In this article, we will discuss what data science is and who a data scientist is. We will also explore the benefits of pursuing a data science course in Mumbai offered by Skillslash.

      What is Data Science?

      Data Science is a multidisciplinary field that involves the use of scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract insights and knowledge from data. It combines statistical analysis, data mining, machine learning, and visualization techniques to turn raw data into actionable insights that can be used to make informed business decisions.

      Data science is used in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, marketing, retail, and many others. Some of the applications of data science include predicting customer behavior, identifying fraud, optimizing business operations, and developing personalized healthcare treatments.

      Who is a Data Scientist?

      A data scientist is a professional who has the skills and knowledge to extract insights from large datasets. They have a deep understanding of statistics, machine learning, and data visualization techniques. They are also proficient in programming languages like Python, R, and SQL.

      Data scientists work with raw data to identify patterns and trends that can help organizations make informed decisions. They are responsible for designing and implementing data-driven solutions to complex business problems. Data scientists also play a crucial role in the development of machine learning models, which are used to automate tasks and improve business processes.

      Why Pursue a Data Science Course in Mumbai??

      Mumbai is a thriving hub for IT and technology companies in India, making it an ideal location for anyone interested in pursuing a career in data science. Skillslash offers a comprehensive data science course in Mumbai that is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in this field.


      Frequently Asked Questions

      Go through the FAQs to know more about our Data Science course in Mumbai.

      • Does this Data science course in Mumbai have any requirements before enrollment ?

        No, with this data science course in Mumbai there is no need for any previous expertise or knowledge as such for one to enroll and learn. However, a basic technical background is appreciated. But the data science course in Mumbai is open to people from all backgrounds and levels of experiences.

      • How to enroll in the data science course in Mumbai ?

        If you wish to join our Data science course in Mumbai make sure to check our Skillslash website to sign up and enroll yourselves into our Data Science training in Mumbai. You can also enroll by contacting us on our email: info@skillslash.com or 8391- 911- 911 for further details on the application process towards the course of your choice.

      • What is the data science course duration in Mumbai ?

        Our data science course in Mumbai subscriptions last from 1 year with the Pro plan and up to 3 years with the Pro Max plan and you can grab a lifetime access with our Pro Max plan.

      • What are the topics covered in this data science course in Mumbai ?

        This data science course in Mumbai covers all the areas from basics to advanced data science tools and their applications. This course in Mumbai, by Skillslash covers basic programming of Python, applied statistics, machine learning, NLP, deep learning, Data science tools, Power BI and everything one needs to know to succeed as a data scientist.

      • What are the known advantages of this Data Science Course in Mumbai ?

        With the coming of this course by Skillslash, one is introduced to learning everything: data cleaning, data analysis, machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, computer vision and how to create AI-powered applications, plus more in a professional manner. Plus, everyone will get an opportunity to work on actual real-time projects with companies, and earn themselves a Microsoft and real-time work experience certification to add to your resume. While also offering guaranteed job referrals to our students to help them get placed and work on their career in data science.

      • Does Skillslash provide placement assistance?

        Yes, after completing your course at Skillslash, you will receive an opportunity to work on live projects from companies and receive a certification for the same and further we also provide job referrals to help you score a placement of your choice.

      • The average salary of a data scientist ?

        If you're looking for a Data Scientist job in Mumbai , you will be glad to know: that the average salary for a data scientist in Mumbai in companies varies from between INR 8 to INR 17 lakhs with an approximate average yearly earning of 1.5 Lakhs in rupees.

      • Can freshers enroll in this data science course in Mumbai ?

        Yes, this data science course in Mumbai is open for all levels of experience and backgrounds. This course is designed keeping in mind the presence of freshers and thus, trains you from scratch to help get you introduced to the data science world, and create your data science career.

      • What are the topics covered in this data science course in Mumbai ?

        This data science course in Mumbai covers all the areas from basics to advanced data science tools and their applications. The data science course by Skillslash covers the basic programming of Python, applied statistics, machine learning, NLP, deep learning, Data science tools, Power BI and many more interesting topics of importance that every data science aspirant needs to know to succeed.

      Data Scientist Course in Mumbai

      Mumbai is a vibrant and bustling metropolis in southern India. It is a major hub for technology and innovation, hosting numerous tech companies and startups. The city offers a unique blend of modernity and tradition, with a diverse cultural landscape, exquisite cuisine, and a pleasant climate. Mumbai is also renowned for its lush parks, educational institutions, and a thriving arts and music scene, making it a dynamic and sought-after destination for professionals and visitors alike.

      Data Science course Training offered in Mumbai location:

      A I staff colony [400029], Aareymilk Colony [400065], Agripada [400011], Airport [400099], Ambewadi [400004], Andheri [400053], Andheri East [400069], Andheri Railway station [400058], Antop Hill [400037], Asvini [400005], Azad Nagar [400053], B P t colony [400003], B.N. bhavan [400051], B.P.lane [400003], Bandra West [400050], Bandra(east) [400051], Bangur Nagar [400090], Bazargate [400001], Best Staff colony [400012], Bharat Nagar [400007], Bhawani Shankar [400028], Borivali [400091], Borivali East [400066], Borvali West [400092], C G s colony [400013], Central Building [400020], Century Mill Chakala Midc [400093], Chamarbaug [400012], Charkop [400067], Chaupati [400004], Chinchbunder [400009], Chinchpokli [400011], Churchgate [400020], Colaba [400005], Cotton Exchange [400033], Cumballa Hill [400026], Dadar [400014], Dahisar [400068], Danda [400052], Daulat Nagar [400066], Delisle Road [400013], Dharavi [400017], Dockyard Road [400010], Dr Deshmukh marg [400026], Falkland Road [400008], Girgaon [400004], Gokhale Road [400028], Goregaon [400062], Goregaon East [400063], Government Colony [400051], Gowalia Tank [400026], Grant Road [400007], H.M.p. school [400058], Haffkin Institute [400012], Haines Road [400011], Hajiali [400034], Hanuman Road [400057], High Court bulding [400032], Holiday Camp [400005], Irla [400056], Ins Hamla [400095], International Airport [400099], J.B. nagar [400059], J.J.hospital [400008], Jacob Circle [400011], Jogeshwari East [400060], Jogeshwari West [400102], Juhu [400049], Kalachowki [400033], Kalbadevi [400002], Kamathipura [400008], Kandivali East [400101], Kandivali West [400067], Kapad Bazar [400016], Ketkipada [400068], Khar Colony [400052], Kharodi [400095], Kherwadi [400051], Kidwai Nagar [400031], L B s n e collage [400033], Lal Baug [400012], Liberty Garden [400064], M A marg [400008], M.P.t. [400001], Madh [400061], Madhavbaug [400004], Magthane [400066], Mahim [400016], Malabar Hill [400006], Malad [400064], Malad East [400097], Malad West dely [400064], Mandapeshwar [400103], Mandvi [400003], Mantralaya [400032], Marine Lines [400020], Marol Bazar [400059], Masjid [400003], Matunga Railway workshop [400019], Mazgaon [400010], Mori Road [400016], Motilal Nagar [400104], Mumbai Central [400008], Mumbai[400001], N . s.patkar [400007], Nagardas Road [400069], Nagari Niwara [400065], Naigaon [400014], Nariman Point [400021], New Prabhadevi road [400025], New Yogakshema [400021], Noor Baug [400003], Null Bazar [400003], Opera House [400004], Orlem [400064], Oshiwara [400102], Parel [400012], Parel Rly work shop [400003], Prabhadevi [400025], Princess Dock [400009], Rajbhavan [400035], Rajendra Nagar [400066], Ramwadi [400002], Ranade Road [400028], Rani Sati marg [400097], Reay Road [400033], S R p f camp [400060], S Savarkar marg [400028], S V marg [400007], S. c. court [400002], S. k.nagar [400066], Sahar P & t colony [400099], Santacruz Central [400054], Santacruz P&t colony [400029], Santacruz(east) [400055], Santacruz(west) [400054], Secretariate [400032], Seepz [400096], Sewri [400015], Sharma Estate [400063], Shivaji Park [400028], Shroff Mahajan [400002], Stock Exchange [400001], Tank Road [400033], Tardeo [400007], Thakurdwar [400002], Tulsiwadi [400034], V J b udyan [400027], V K bhavan [400010], V.P. road [400052], V.W.t.c. [400005], Vakola [400055], Vesava [400061], Vidyanagari [400098], Vileeparle (east) [400057], Vileparle(west) [400056], Wadala [400031], Worli [400018], Worli Colony [400030], 400701[Navi Mumbai], 400602[Thane].,

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      ₹ 19,999

      15-Days Money-Back Guarantee