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Data Science Course in Pune

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Equip yourself with Data Science skills through live, interactive lectures guided by industry expert mentors


₹ 19,999

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Course Content

Learning ModeBlended

1:1 Doubt SessionDaily

Live Project SessionsWeekly

Career SupportIncluded

Course AccessLifetime

Certifications 3

What will you learn?

Foundations: Programming, Stats, Python Basics, Data Types.

Data Analysis: Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, ML.

Advanced: Deep Learning, NLP, Reinforcement Learning, Big Data.

Tools: Excel, SQL, Cloud Deployment, BI: Tableau, Power BI.

Tools Covered

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Course Content

Learning ModeBlended

1:1 Doubt SessionDaily

Live Project SessionsWeekly

Career SupportIncluded

Course AccessLifetime


Course Fees

₹ 19,999 including
18% GST

Our Data Science Program Trainer and Mentor

Introducing our Trainers and mentors who are here to help you on your data science course journey. With years of experience and knowledge in the field of data science, the trainers and mentors of our data science course in Pune are ready to help you reach your goals and potential.

About our Data Science Program in Pune

  • Data Science Course in Pune with Microsoft certification

    Skillslash is providing you with an all-inclusive data science course in Pune with Microsoft certification , a global technology giant. This data science course in Pune not only comes with expert led training , but also gives you added incentives of dual certification, that is, a microsoft certification and real-time work experience certification to add to your resume and give you the much needed push in the data science job field.

    Offering data science training in Pune multiple areas of data analytics, machine learning, and statistical analysis. We, at Skillslash provide students with all the skills, models, and insights in this all inclusive data science course in Pune. More so, the data science course in Pune is developed and comes with real-time work experience and guaranteed job referrals which give participants the push to create their data science careers.

    Our Data Science Course in Pune gives one an all-inclusive access to a comprehensive course curriculum that includes key data science concepts from python, basic statistics, applied statistics, to advanced learning, deep learning, Power BI, SQL and data science tools with practical applications of the same. Not only that, this data science course in Pune provides an opportunity for you to work within your domain of choice may it be healthcare, finance, or marketing. So, become a data scientist in your own domain through our data science training with domain specialization.

    This data science course in Pune is perfect for you irrespective of your level of skills and background, as whether you are a fresher looking to work in data science or an experienced professional looking to transition to a data science career under your own domain.

  • What is Data Science? Why Become a Data Scientist?

  • Why Learn Data Science in Pune ?

  • Why Choose a Data Science Training Course in Pune ?

  • Why should you take our Data science certification course in Pune ?

  • The added advantages of enrolling in our Data Science Course in Pune

  • What is different about this data science course in Pune?

  • What will you learn in this data science course in Pune ?

  • What are the course program options offered ?

  • What are the Job Opportunities after completion of this data science course in Pune ?

  • What are the projects offered under this Data Science Course in Pune ?

  • What is the Scope for Data Scientists in 2023 ?

  • What is the Data Science course in Pune’s course duration ?

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    Data Science course in pune Syllabus

    Our data science course in Pune is designed to be practical and industry-relevant, covering a wide range of topics including Python, R, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Tableau, and much more. Our experienced faculty bring real-world insights to the classroom, enabling students to learn from the best.

    • Module 0


      Our courses start off with this module that offers a basic overview of programming in data science for both beginners and advanced users who wish to strengthen their fundamental skills.

      Course Content

        Chapter 1: Introduction to Programming ( 3 hrs )

      • Source code Vs bytecode Vs machine code, Compiler Vs Interpreter, C/C++, Java Vs Python.

        Chapter 2: code editors basics (1 hrs)

      • Different type of code editors in python, Introduction to Anaconda and IDEs

        Chapter 3: python basics (1 hrs)

      • Variable Vs Identifiers, Strings Operators Vs Operand, Procedure oriented Vs Modular programming.

        Chapter 4: statistics basics & probability (1 hrs)

      • Measures of Central Tendency & dispersion, Inferential statistics and Sampling theory.
    • Module 1

      Programming Essentials

      Through a hands-on approach, you will learn key programming concepts of Python, MatplotLib, Seaborn and languages commonly used in the data science field. Whether you're aspiring to become a data scientist or simply seeking to harness the power of programming for data analysis, this module equips you with the essential skills to manipulate, analyze, and visualize data effectively.

      Course Content

    • Module 2

      Applied Statistics

      By the end of the module, you will have mastered statistical tools such as probabilistic theory, hypothesis testing and regression analysis, all in the context of practical data science applications and the knowledge they need to be at the forefront of data science and lead data-driven innovations.

      Course Content

    • Module 3

      Advance Machine Learning

      Explore cutting-edge algorithms, model optimization, and deep learning architectures, all while gaining practical experience through hands-on projects.

      Course Content

    • Module 4

      Deep Learning

      Gain the skills and knowledge you need to make the most of deep learning for everything from image recognition to natural language processing and predictive modeling. Get to know the ins and outs of AI, deep learning, CNNs, RNNs, and other cutting-edge techniques.

      Project by skillslash
      Project by skillslash
      Project by skillslash

      Course Content

    • Module 5


      This module will help you figure out the ins and outs of text data. You'll learn the basics of analyzing, manipulating, and extracting meaning from text, so you can create smart apps, make decisions based on data, and improve your data science abilities.

      Project by skillslash
      Project by skillslash
      Project by skillslash

      Course Content

    • Module 6

      Reinforcement Learning (only in Pro Max)

      Discover the exciting world of Reinforcement Learning (RL) in the context of Data Science. In this module, you will delve into the fundamentals of RL, a powerful machine learning paradigm that enables algorithms to make sequential decisions by learning from their interactions with the environment.

      Course Content

    • Module 7

      Computer Vision (only in Pro Max)

      Whether you're interested in object detection, image classification, facial recognition, or the countless other applications of Computer Vision, this module will equip you with the knowledge and skills to tackle real-world data challenges and unlock the potential of visual data in the field of data science.

      Course Content

    • Module 8

      Data Structures and Algorithms ( 12 Weeks ) (only in Pro Max)

      From understanding the significance of data structures to mastering algorithmic problem-solving, this module equips you with the critical skills needed to excel in the field of data science. You will be solving 250+ coding challenges under guidance of expert mentors working in Tier 1 companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, Facebook, Google etc.

      Project by skillslash
      Project by skillslash
      Project by skillslash

      Course Content

    • Module 9


      Unlock the full potential of data science with our comprehensive module on essential tools: Excel, SQL, Tableau, and Power BI and more. Dive into the world of data manipulation, analysis, visualization, and reporting with hands-on training in these industry-standard applications.

      Project by skillslash
      Project by skillslash
      Project by skillslash

      Course Content

    Data Science Course Curriculum

    Data Science and AI courses Syllabus are curated by leading faculties and industry leaders.




    Tools and Project

    30+ Hands-on Projects


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    We are driven by the idea of program affordability. So, we give you several financial options to manage and budget the expenses of your course.

    Course Fee INR 19,999

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    The program is designed for people from various sectors. The variety of participants enriches discussion and interaction.

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      A look into Our Data Science certification course in Pune

      Skillslash is providing one of the top data science course in Pune, for you data science wanderers out there. Our professionally selected data science certification course in Pune offers not only the opportunity to acquire data science training in Pune, but also to obtain an accredited and verified microsoft and real-time work experience certification upon completion of the course. This data science training course provides a comprehensive deep learning and practical training experience through a tailored course curriculum that equips participants with the knowledge and skills to master the core concepts of data science through the study and implementation of the Python programming language, Applied Statistics for Business, SQL for Business, Excel for Business and Machine Learning.

      What is Data Science ? Why become a Data Scientist ?

      Data science is a cross-disciplinary field that uses statistical, math, computer, and domain-related skills to get useful insights and knowledge out of data. Data science professionals use their skills in analyzing data, learning from big data, and visualizing it to make decisions based on what's in the data. They're the ones who turn raw data into useful information that can help businesses create better strategies, streamline processes, and tackle complex issues in different industries. There are lots of great reasons to become a data scientist,

      • Data science is leading the way in the digital revolution and the need for data scientists is growing all the time.
      • Companies all over the world rely on data to stay ahead of the competition, so there are tons of job opportunities out there.
      • Plus, data scientists get to work on really cool projects, like predictive modeling, fraud detection, personalized recommendations, and optimizing processes.
      • It's a really exciting and intellectually stimulating job, perfect for people who like to solve complex problems. Finally, data science has great pay and benefits, so it's a great way to make some extra cash.

      Basically, data science is all about analyzing data and using machine learning to get useful information out of it. If you want to be part of the big data revolution, become a data scientist, work on cool projects, and have amazing career opportunities. Data is becoming more and more important in decision-making, and data scientists are playing a huge role in changing industries and making a difference in businesses and society.

      Why Data Science in Pune ?

      Data science is becoming more and more popular all over the world, and it's no different in India. Pune is a great place to work if you're a data scientist, whether you're just starting out or already have a lot of experience. There are a few reasons why Pune is such a data science hub, but here are the most important ones :

      • Pune has a thriving IT sector, with lots of big companies, startups, and tech-savvy firms setting up shop in the city. It's a great place for data science experts to work on innovative projects and work with different teams.
      • Pune is a great place to study and do research because it's home to some of the top-notch educational and research institutes in the world, like IISER, SVPU, and IIT. These institutions create a great academic atmosphere, which helps draw in the best talent and helps build data science knowledge in the area.
      • Pune's start-up scene has really taken off in the last 10 years. A lot of tech and analytics start-ups have moved to Pune because of the great business climate, affordability, and access to experienced data scientists.
      • Pune has a relatively low cost of living compared to other big cities like Pune or Mumbai, which makes it a great choice for data science professionals who want to find the perfect balance between a good job and quality of life.
      • Pune hosts a ton of data science events on a regular basis. It's a great place for data science nerds to come together and learn, share ideas, and make professional connections. It's a place where people come together and support each other.

      To sum up, the data science scene in Pune has really taken off thanks to a strong IT sector, a great talent pool, great education institutions, and a great start-up scene. Data science is still driving innovation across different industries, so Pune is in a great spot to help shape the future of this ever-changing field.

      Why should you take up our data science certification course in Pune ?

      Our Data Science training course in Pune has been developed with meticulous attention to detail by experienced industry professionals and data scientists to provide a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals and how to apply them in practice. Our course is suitable for individuals of all levels, whether they are new to Data Science or experienced professionals seeking to improve their skills.

      Our data science training in Pune program offers Microsoft certification and a real time work experience certification, which will be received from leading multinational corporations and start-ups with whom the candidate will collaborate on live industrial projects and gain real-world experience. This real time work experience will not only differentiate the candidate from other applicants, but will also provide them with an advantage in the field of work, as they already possess the necessary work experience to demonstrate to recruiters their superior capabilities in the field.

      The benefits you will get by enrolling in Skillslash’s data science course in Pune?

      Right now, there's a lot of demand for data science and you're seeing lots of other data science courses in Pune popping up, so you're wondering where to sign up. The answer is to pick Skillslash for your online and offline data science journey and avail the benefits of our best data science course in Pune, Gain high-quality applicable skills in real-time - with us, you’ll learn the skills you’ll need to succeed as a data scientist through our live sessions, customized course curricula and stimulating interviews.

      Become a Microsoft Certified Data Scientist - After completing a data science course with us you’ll leave with a Microsoft certification. Get Real-time Work Experience Certifications from Top MNC’s/Startups - This certification will give you a competitive edge in the real-world as you'll get to work with real companies on real projects, and when you're done, you'll get a real-time work experience certificate from the company.Learn At Your Own Speed - With 350+ Live Sessions and recorded videos, you can choose to learn at your own comfortable pace.

      The benefits you will get by enrolling in Skillslash’s data science course in Pune?

      Our key differentiating point, when it comes to providing data science courses, is that, Skillslash collaborates with a number of multinational corporations (MNCs) and startups. Upon successful completion of our academic training program, participants will receive their own microsoft certification from Skillslash. Additionally, participants will be able to participate in real-world projects with real-world companies, and upon completion of this process, they will receive a real-world proof of work through real-time work experience certificates from the respective company

      What will one learn during the data science training in Pune with Skillslash?

      Our program provides a comprehensive overview of Data Science, ranging from the fundamentals to advanced levels. Our course curriculum covers a wide range of topics, providing you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in this field. Our program includes Python, C/C++, advanced machine learning, deep learning, applied statistics, and around 20+ tools, such as Excel and SQL Database

      We strive to provide our students with a combination of theoretical, practical, and applied knowledge, and this is achieved through 350+ live sessions, 15 industry projects, and stimulated interviews to give them the advantage in real life. Additionally, students will have the chance to predict their credit default, gain knowledge of Google Mobility, understand Youtube video analytics, and more.

      Who can choose to do our data science course in Pune?

      Our Data Science course is intended for learners from a variety of backgrounds and levels of expertise (graduates, post-graduates, intermediate students, freshers, and professionals) who wish to gain knowledge in the field of data science. The broad range of participants we invite enhances the sessions' discussions and interactions.

      What are the course program options offered in the data science course in Pune?

      At Skillslash, we offer our course options ( advanced data science and AI course, Business Analytics for professionals ) currently under two program payment plans namely the Pro and the Pro Max

      How is the Job opportunities spectrum after completion of a data science course in Pune?

      Following a successful data science course, graduates can look forward to a variety of job opportunities in Pune. As Pune has become a hub for technology and analytics, there has been a surge in the demand for experienced data scientists in various industries. Companies are increasingly relying on data-driven decisions to inform their business strategies, and this has led to an increased demand for data scientists. Professionals in the field of data science can find employment in a variety of industries, such as financial institutions, start-up companies, healthcare, manufacturing, and e-commerce.

      • Data Scientist and Data Analyst to,
      • Machine Learning Engineer and Business Analys
      • as well as AI Engineer and Data Engineer, as well as Research Analyst.

      Pune's vibrant start-up scene provides data scientists with the opportunity to get involved in cutting-edge projects that are new and exciting. Start-ups offer a fun and fast-paced atmosphere that encourages people to experiment and learn

      Is there scope for data scientists in India in 2023?

      Yes, the scope for data science and data scientists is booming in the current times. The demand for Data Science courses in India is on the rise, as both individuals and employers are recognizing the importance of having Data Science skills in order to remain competitive in the current job market. With India's transformation into a data-driven economy, the demand for Data Science specialists is expected to grow significantly.

      According to a report by the Data Science Recruitment Agency Nasscom and the Social Media Platform Zynga, the number of Jobs related to Data Science in India is expected to rise to 16,500 by 2025, from 2,720 Jobs in 2018. To meet this demand, various courses in Data Science are available in schools, online platforms, and training centers, which cover various aspects of the field, such as data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data visualization. As India is on its way to becoming a Data-based economy, there are numerous opportunities for individuals to pursue a successful career in the Data Science field.


      Frequently Asked Questions

      Go through the FAQs to know more about our Data Science course in Pune .

      • How to enroll for the data science course in Pune?

        Check out our website to sign up for our Data Science training by contacting the institute directly for further details on the application process and paying online with our payment options. Once you've paid, you'll get an email with your payment details. (https://skillslash.com/data-science-course-in-pune )

      • Does this data science course in pune have any requirements?

        The data science course in Pune does not have any prior need or requirements criteria for one to enroll themselves. A basic technical knowledge is appreciated by our applicants, but people from all backgrounds and all levels of experiences are welcome to apply to this data science course in Pune.

      • As a fresher, can I enroll in the data science course in Pune ?

        Yes, this data science course is open to all levels of experience and backgrounds. This course provides everything from scratch to help get you introduced to the data science world, and create your data science career.

      • What is the data science course duration in Pune ?

        Our data science course subscriptions last from 1 year with the Pro plan and up to 3 years with the Pro Max plan and you can grab a lifetime access with our Pro Max plan.

      • What's in store for me in my Data science course in Pune?

        In our Data Science course in Pune, you'll learn the ins and outs of data cleaning, data analysis, machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, computer vision and how to create AI-powered applications. Plus, you will be getting an opportunity to work on actual real-time projects, and earn a Microsoft and real-time work experience certification to add to your resume. While also offering guaranteed job referrals to our students to help them get placed and work on their career in data science.

      • What are the companies to look into that hire data science professionals ?

        Many companies from big MNCs to recent startups and corporate companies hire data science professionals, which include: Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, IBM, Netflix, Uber, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Twitter, Salesforce, Adobe and more .

      • What would be the average salary of a data scientist in the city of Pune?

        If you're looking for a Data Scientist job in Pune, Glassdoor says that the average salary in Pune for a Data Scientist is Rs. 1,049,000 per year.

      • Are there any fee discounts available for Data Science training in Pune ?

        Yes, we offer fee discounts for our Data Science training in Pune. Eligible students can save up to 30% on their data science course fees based on the results of their aptitude test.

      • Can the data science course in Pune be customized ?

        Through our Build Your Own Course (BYOC) program, students and our experts can collaborate to create a personalized learning program that suits the best interests .

      • What is data science, and Why is it in high demand?

        Data science is a multidisciplinary discipline that focuses on the extraction of information and insights from data through the utilization of statistical methods, machine learning algorithms, and data visualizations. This discipline is highly sought after as companies increasingly rely on decision-making based on data to gain an advantage over competitors, resulting in an increase in the number of data science jobs.

      • How to enroll for the data science course in Pune?

        Check out our website to sign up for our Data Science training(https://skillslash.com/data-science-course-in-pune)or by contacting the institute directly for further details on the application process and paying online with our payment options. Once you've paid, you'll get an email with your payment details

      • Do you provide any placement assistance ?

        After completing your course at Skillslash, you will receive an opportunity to work on live projects from companies and receive a certification for the same and further we also provide job referrals to help you score a placement of your choice.

      • Does the course include any hands-on project work?

        Yes, our course in data science in Pune includes real-life projects to give you hands-on experience. By working on real-life projects, you'll be able to apply the ideas you've learned and create a portfolio to show off to potential employers

      • Can working professionals enroll in this data science course in Pune?

        Our Pune-based data science course provides flexible scheduling and self paced learning to meet the needs of working professionals.

      • What tools and software will be taught during the data science courses?

        Courses typically focus on the use of Python programming languages, R programming languages, SQL programming languages and libraries such as NumPy, Pandas, and scikit-learn.

      • How to become a data scientist?

        If you want to be a data scientist, here's what you need to do: 1) Get a good grounding in math, stats, and programming like Python or R2. 3) Learn how to manipulate data, visualize it, and use machine learning algorithms. 4) Get hands-on experience by working on your own projects, competing in data science contests, or applying for internships. 5) Show off your skills by creating a portfolio and networking with other data scientists. 6) Keep up with the latest developments in data science to stay ahead of the curve

      • Do I need a technical or programming background to opt for this data science course in Pune?

        This data science course in Pune is created to help learners from all levels, and multiple backgrounds. Having a background technical knowledge is advantageous but it is not a necessary requirement as we cover everything from the basics.

      • What are the topics covered in the data science course in Pune?

        This data science course in Pune covers all the areas from basics to advanced data science tools and their applications. The data science course in Pune covers basic programming of Python, applied statistics, machine learning, NLP, deep learning, Data science tools, Power BI and everything one needs to know to succeed as a data scientist.

      Data Scientist Course in Pune

      Pune is a vibrant and bustling metropolis in southern India. Known as the Silicon Valley of India, it is a major hub for technology and innovation, hosting numerous tech companies and startups. The city offers a unique blend of modernity and tradition, with a diverse cultural landscape, exquisite cuisine, and a pleasant climate. Pune is also renowned for its lush parks, educational institutions, and a thriving arts and music scene, making it a dynamic and sought-after destination for professionals and visitors alike.

      Data Science course Training offered in Pune location:

      Bajirao Road [411002],Yerwada [411006],Kasba Peth [411011],Dhanori [411015],Pune City [411022],Hadapsar S.O [411028],Airport [411032],Afmc [411040],Karve Road [410038],Ammunition Factory Khadki [411003],Aundh [411007],Dapodi [411012],Gokhalenagar [411016],Kudje [411023],Kothrud [411029],Mundhva [411036],Tingre Nagar [411000],A.R. Shala [411004],Baner Road [411004],Magarpatta City [411013],Botanical Garden [411020],Khadakwasla [411024],Lokmanyanagar [411030],Bibvewadi [411037],Bhavani Peth [411042],Dhayari [411041],Dhankawadi [411043],C D A O [411001],Shivajinagar [411005],Parvati [411009],9 Drd [411014],Armament [411021],Donje [411025],Bopkhel [411031],Bhusari Colony [411038],Haveli [411045],Jambhulwadi [411046],Lohogaon [411047],Khondhwa [411048],Anandnagar [411051],Navsahyadri [411052],Chatursringi [411053],Gokhalenagar [411055],Warje [411058],Mohamadwadi Kadvasti [411060],Janaki Nagar [411066],Aundh [411067],Pimpri Chinchwad [411078],Nanded [411230],Gondhale Nagar [412029],Sathe Nagar [412047],Alandi Devachi [412105 ],Ambarvet [412115],Ashtapur [412207],Manjari Farm [412307],Phursungi [412308],Viman Nagar [411014],Shaniwar Peth [413337],

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